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For vehicles with a standard five-quart crankcase capacity, add 1 bottle .473ml of Polytron MTC to the crankcase. Then fill to the recommended capacity with the motor oil normally used. With larger volume systems, use Polytron MTC by 10% in volume.

For vehicles, after the initial treatment for maximum results, it is recommended to add 1 bottle of .473ml of Polytron MTC to every 12,000kms or every 3rd oil change at minimum. Polytron will not harm your equipment/engine if you apply more often. The frequent you use Polytron MTC, the better.

A number of tests have been completed. First, Texaco, a subsidy of Chevron which owns Caltes, has certified that Polytron is
completely compatible with its motor oils including synthetics.

Sintef Group also completed independent test. (Sintef is the largest technological research organization in Northern Europe)

The United States Testing Laboratory did other tests. These tests compared Polytron against several leading lubrication oils with
respect to reduction of friction, wear and temperature.

Polytron MTC Used oil Analysis test results from several companies shows significant improvements compared to conventional

Tribology test results likewise produce conclusive results cementing the fact that Polytron MTC works.

In every case Polytron proved superior in performance including one of the most severe tests – the Seta-Shell Four Ball Extreme
pressure test.

Not only will Polytron work in your engine after using PTFE resin based products, it will remove the build-up these products create and deposit. Many “major brands” contain such harmful chemicals as active ingredients or their secret inner-workings. Polytron truly provides performance by transforming the metallic surface and it is NOT a coating like other brands.

Yes. Polytron MTC is compatible with all automatic transmission fluids. Regular transmission fluid is not an oil as it has almost no lubricity. As a result bearings and other moving parts in your transmission do not get well lubricated during operation. Polytron MTC is specially engineered to lubricate and extend the life of your automatic transmission. Anything hydraulic will benefit from the use of Polytron MTC.

Polytron MTC lubricates the valve body in the transmission resulting in smoother shifting. With reduced friction you will also have less heat and wear, resulting in longer life for both the transmission fluid and the transmission. Along with easier, smoother shifting, Polytron MTC will extend the life of the bearings and gears in your standard transmission.

Polytron conserves natural resources by reducing the consumption of fuel and oil and independently certified tests show that POLYTRON significantly reduces harmful exhaust emissions. Often application of Polytron GDFC along with MTC will allow polluter car to pass smog.

Mostly the results are immediate. Often, the engine noise will significantly quiet as soon as you turn the engine on after first application. In other cars/equipment, it may take several hundred miles/hours or several gas treatments to notice any dramatic change due to the buildup of gum, varnish and other solids prior to applying Polytron products.

Polytron fuel additive help treat the fuel system components, carburetion or injection and also dissolves deposits on them. The unique formula cleans fuel injectors, pistons and valves.

Definitely not. The warranty only covers material and labor used in equipment guarantee and is not canceled by using a more efficient lubrication solutions.

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