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Gas Diesel Fuel Conditioner

Maximizes Fuel Performance, Power and Compression.

DESCRIPTION: Today’s most technologically advanced, EPA-Registered, fuel conditioner, scientifically designed for much cleaner and more efficient fuel combustion. POLYTRON GDFC cleans and lubricates the working parts of the fuel system and the upper part of the engine. Removes carbon deposits and prevents future harmful carbon build-up. POLYTRON GDFC improves fuel consumption and overall engine performance. When used regularly, exhaust pollutants are reduced considerably, up to 60%.


• 354 ml Bottle
• 4 Liter Bottle
• 19 Liter Pail
• 208 Liter Drum


For every liter of fuel (gas, diesel, bio, etc) add 0.1% of Polytron Fuel Conditioner.

Example Computations:

Car Fuel Capacity: 42Liters
Required Fuel Conditioner: 42ml

Motorcycle Fuel Capacity: 4Liters
Required Fuel Conditioner: 4ml

Truck/Bus Fuel Capacity: 110Liters
Required Fuel Conditioner: 110ml

Excavator Fuel Capacity: 120Liters
Required Fuel Conditioner: 120ml

In large fuel tanks, add 1L of Fuel Conditioner to every 1,000L of fuel. Very important: before adding FC to a large tank make sure that it is completely clean from any deposits.

  • • Contributes to much cleaner emissions
  • • Reduce emission by up to 60%
  • • Cleans entire fuel system including injectors, intake valves, ports, valve seats and combustion chamber
  • • Provides quicker starting in cold weather
  • • Lubricates moving parts of combustion system
  • • Removes water in fuel tank and lines
  • • Neutralizes poor quality fuel
  • • Fully Compatible with diesel and gasoline fuels and fuel oils
• 95% passing rate on smog test for Polytron user is real, however, buyer understands Polytron will not guarantee this statement

Gen. App (Internal Combustion Engines Either Gas Or Diesel)

    • • Passenger cars
    • • SUV’s and Pickup Trucks
    • • Heavy Duty Trucks
    • • Tractors – Irrigation Systems
    • • Pumps
    • • Oil Field Equipment
    • • Marine vessels
    • • Railroad and many more…


        • For regular use, add two 60ml of Polytron GDFC to every 55Liters of fuel (Gas or Diesel) In two-cycle engines add two 60ml of Polytron GDFC to every 37 Liters of fuel before blending with oil In Large Engines and Boiler Systems, first time application of 4 Liters of Polytron GDFC to each 3,785 Liters of fuel to accelerate the cleanup of the fuel system and reduction of exhaust emissions. Then apply 4Liters of Polytron GDFC to each 11,350Liters of fuel to maintain the fuel system
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