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Metal Treatment Concentrate

Increases and Improves Performance, Longevity and Savings.


Also knows as “Special or Super Lubricant”, Polytron Metal Treatment Concentrate (MTC) is a product that is very reliable and efficient. The product is design to be polarized which makes it attracted to metal surfaces. Through Metallurgical Process, forms (from the original metal) a durable polished-like micro – layer of metal that is about 2-3 microns thick which dramatically resists wear, extreme pressure and excessive temperature. Metal surfaces remain treated at all times, which provides immediate start-up lubrication. Friction is substantially reduced and wear is eliminated up to 95%, which results in maximum equipment life, performance and oil and fuel economy.

POLYTRON MTC is compatible with all motor, gear, transmission, fluids/oils and other lubricants which contributes to reduction in noise level and lowering operating temperature. May restore up to 95% of engine’s original compression.

POLYTRON MTC is an excellent dispersant which dissolves any existing deposit buildup and holds sludge harmlessly in suspension while preventing the deposition of varnish and lacquer on engine parts in severe service. Oil filter life is improved and the PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) valve remains free and clean. This quality also contributes to longer engine life and fuel economy. 10% by volume of POLYTRON MTC will ensure complete clean-up of the engine from carbon deposits, sludge, and varnish, thereby ensuring very clean and smooth engine operation.


          • • 120 ml Bottle
          • • 473 ml Bottle
          • • 4 Liter Bottle
          • • 19 Liter Pail
          • • 208 Liter Drum

Key Benefits

    • • Eliminate up to 90-95% of engine and equipment wear and up to 85-90% of friction in sliding surfaces
    • • Reduce engine/equipment operating temperature and noise level
    • • Eliminate carbon build-up and keep engine completely clean from new deposits
    • • In the event of oil or coolant loss, engines are protected for tens of miles under any driving conditions
    • • Restore minor compression
    • • Restore or improves power, torque, and fuel economy
    • • Contribute to much cleaner emission gases
    • • Very effective in severe operating conditions such as dust, dirt and moisture
    • • Contribute to considerable fuel and oil economy, including reduction of up to 60% of maintenance costs

Gen. App (Internal Combustion Engines Either Gas or Diesel)

        • • Automatic and manual transmissions
        • • Differentials and gearboxes
        • • Bearings and bearing journals
        • • Power steering units, Pumps, Air compressors, Cooling systems
        • • Hydraulic power systems in heavy duty equipment & farming machinery
        • • Mining and smelter equipment
        • • Rail road equipment
        • • Oil and water wells Drilling equipment
        • • Machine shops equipment: Grinding, drilling, milling, etc.
        • • Air tools
        • • Marine light and Heavy Duty Vessels


Add one 473ml bottle of POLYTRON MTC to a standard 4 to 5 quart crankcase, or approximately 10% by volume to any larger crankcase during an oil change. For extended oil change intervals of up to 32,000 to 80,000 km, add POLYTRON MTC every oil change. However, we highly recommend to perform a Used Oil Analysis to further determine the feasibility of both your engine and motor oil.

Motor Oil -add 10%
Automatic Transmission Fluid -add 3% – 5%
Manual Transmission Fluid -add 3% – 5%
Compression Oil -add 3% – 5%
Hydraulic Systems -add 10%
Gear Boxes -add 10%
Bearing Journal -add 10%
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