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Polytron products are different from any other lubricant or additive, using proprietary metallurgical technology to smooth and harden mating surfaces at microscopic levels to reduce friction and wear by up to 95%. From industrial machinery to fleet cars, adding Polytron to motor oil or lubricant dramatically improves performance and extends equipment life while slashing fuel, oil and maintenance costs.

Here’s how Polytron does it.

1. Eliminates 95% of Engine and Equipment Wear, Extends Life by 400% To 700%

Polytron’s field-tested technology eliminates the microscopic irregularities which create friction between moving surfaces. By hardening and smoothing mating surfaces, Polytron practically eliminates friction and wear, extending engine life.

2. Keeps Moving Parts Clean of Varnish and Carbon Deposits

Carbon and varnish buildup on valves, pistons and other surfaces is virtually eliminated, slashing maintenance costs and eliminating unexpected downtime due to clogged fuel injectors or sub-optimal engine performance. Fuel system life can be extended by 200%.

3. Extends Oil Service Life and Oil Change Intervals by 300% To 600%

Polytron’s extreme friction reduction technology keeps internal engine parts clean and intact, which reduces the metal particles in motor oil, extending oil life. Longer oil service life means less frequent oil changes, which means you are ordering less oil and spending less staff time on maintenance.

4. Provides Temporary Protection in the Event of Oil or Coolant Loss

By smoothing and hardening mating surfaces to eliminate friction, engines continue to function normally following catastrophic oil or coolant loss, allowing time to self-transport to repair facilities, preventing expensive damage (often leading to equipment replacement) and extended downtime.

5. Lowers Operating Temperature and Fuel Consumption

Carbon buildup affects operating temperature and reduces fuel economy. Polytron keeps engines free of buildup and reduces operating temperatures, cutting fuel costs and helping avoid heat-related damage and breakdowns.

6. Lowers Equipment Maintenance Costs up To 65%

By reducing the need for oil changes, reducing carbon buildup, lowering operating temperatures, eliminating wear and guarding against damage due to oil or coolant loss, Polytron can cut overall maintenance costs by as much as 65%.

7. Makes Combustion Cleaner and More Efficient

Less friction and wear, cooler operating temperatures and no carbon buildup mean efficient combustion and much cleaner emissions. This could mean passing a smog test easier or gaining a competitive advantage if you run a large operation!

8. Maintains High Performance in Severe Conditions of Dust, Dirt, Moisture

By hardening and smoothing mating surfaces at the microscopic level and practically eliminating all friction, Polytron increases efficiency even in enabling the most severe operating environments. This makes Polytron the perfect solution for military equipment, mining equipment and other equipment operating in extreme conditions.

9. Effective in Transmissions, Differentials, Power Steering and More

Polytron can cut costs and improve performance in any equipment requiring lubrication of mating surfaces.

10. Cuts Operating Costs for Fleet Cars, Light and Heavy-Duty Trucks, Marine Vessels, Mining Equipment, Farm Machinery and More

With its ability to improve efficiency through reduced friction and wear, extend oil life, improve fuel economy, reduce maintenance, reduce operating temperatures, produce cleaner emissions, and improve operability in severe environments, you can apply Polytron in virtually any setting and with any equipment.

Certified field studies and signed references continue to pour into Polytron from around the world verifying the revolutionary performance and dramatic cost reductions we deliver in a wide range of industries.

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